This Man Might Have Ignored the Train Barriers, but What Happened Next Is Just Wild

This Man Might Have Ignored the Train Barriers, but What Happened Next Is Just Wild

Despite flashing lights and the universal “do not cross” symbol — red and white striped barriers that come down over the road — a man in the Czech Republic recently decided to skirt around a train gate, and it didn’t end well for him.

Just as the man trotted over the middle track, the train zoomed by, clipping him in the leg.

Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube

The man’s decision to cross the tracks when he did wasn’t the only shocking facet of the footage though, which comes out of the Czech Republic. The reaction of those in cars waiting on either side of the tracks is notable as well. The gates rose just as the man picked himself up off the tracks. Every single car passed by him, not one appearing to ask if he was alright.

“Nobody stopped, offered his help. It speaks about how people treat each other,” police spokeswoman Iva Sebkova told Novinky (translated via Google Translate).

After hobbling off the tracks, the man dropped his bag on the other side, appearing shaken up. At this point, a biker approached him and seemed to tend to his distress.

Watch the footage:

Though it was narrow escape for the Czech man identified as a pensioner, indicating his age, he did hurt is leg. According to Novinky, he also should expect a hefty fine for ignoring the barriers.

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