NRA Teases Slightly Mysterious Project That Includes a Former Navy SEAL

NRA Teases Slightly Mysterious Project That Includes a Former Navy SEAL

The National Rifle Association’s new, slightly-mysterious media project is just days away from officially launching. The initiative, titled NRA Freestyle, will include three TV shows and a website aimed at reaching young Americans. One in particular will feature former Navy SEAL Dom Raso confirming or debunking classic Hollywood fight scenes.

Promising to embrace fitness, adventure and independence, NRA Freestyle, according to its website, will be a place “where adventure, style and culture collide.”

So, what, exactly, does that mean?

There’s a bit of an enigma surrounding the exact nature of the project, though three distinct TV shows have been announced that will focus on a wide array of relevant issues.

Screen shot from the NRA Freestyle website showing the countdown to the project’s launch (Image source: NRA)

From firearms to fashion and pop culture, the programs will offer a unique look at Second Amendment rights as they intersect with entertainment and culture.

Consider “NOIR,” a program hosted by the next generation of gun enthusiasts. Coilion Noir, who joined the NRA as a contributor last year, will co-host the show alongside Amy Robbins. “NOIR” will air on Sundays and will focus on pop culture and guns, among other related subjects.

Then there’s “Media Lab,” a show hosted by Raso and airing on Wednesdays that will take viewers into the entertainment world to explore whether Hollywood fight scenes are “true to life” or “farfetched folly.”

Image source: NRA

Image source: NRA

And in the fall, Raso’s other show, “I am Forever” will premiere. Based on a description, the program will focus on his journey to teach a young girl about guns and personal safety.

A countdown has been placed on the NRA Freestyle website advertising an April 30 launch, which coincides loosely with the NRA’s annual convention in Indianapolis April 25-27.

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