14-Year-Old’s ‘Amazing Audition’ Literally Brings Some in Audience to Tears

14-Year-Old’s ‘Amazing Audition’ Literally Brings Some in Audience to Tears

A 14-year-old auditioning for ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ succeeded in wowing the judges and even bringing some individuals in the audience to tears.

Video of the audition, posted online Saturday, has already amassed over 100,000 views and shows songwriter Bailey McConnell performing an original song about losing a close friend.

“That was incredible,” one of the judges exclaimed after the performance. “The words I know mean so much to you.”

“That was incredible.”


“It was an amazing audition,” she added.

“Bailey, what is there not to like about you?” another judge echoed. “You’ve got a fantastic voice, you play musically and you can write really incredible songs.”

Watch the ‘Amazing’ Performance:

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